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We are a small Celtic lay community – Catholic with an ecumenical heart based in the two parishes of High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. We have been officially around since 23 rd May 1996 when we first signed a Community Covenant, although we had been acting as a community for a while before then. We are intentionally small ourselves but with a calling to prayer and to help other communities, parishes and groups to grow. The picture we were given was of a mother strawberry plant sending out runners which themselves take root until a network of daughter plants is created. The mother plant would look the same size as all the others but have much deeper and stronger roots so it could support the others. The call to be a Celtic community was something that had been growing for a while but we made official on All Saints Day (1 st of November) 2015 as a result of a sign from the Boss about the renewal of the Celtic anointing poured out to evangelise these islands. The Community meets weekly in small sharing groups called Faith and Friendship Groups and gathers everyone together twice a month once for worship and once for a meal. We also ran men’s groups called the Band of Brothers that ran for the last 15 years in two local prisons and on the outside goes for activity weekends away. This ministry has led to the development of a men’s weekend we are about to launch called: “Releasing the eagles: Celtic spirituality for the end-times warrior”

The Source Community is a member of the European Network of Communities E.N.C. you can find out more about the E.N.C. at www.e-n-c.org.


The Source Community’s Faith and Friendship Groups, comprising of 6-12 members, meet weekly at the host’s home or in a church. Each group meets at a time/day convenient for the members – some groups meet during the day and some in the evening. The meetings are Christ-centred, encouraging every member to participate, to mature and to minister to each other. They last for approximately 1½ hours and are based around four components:

Welcome: Refreshments and sharing
— focusing on us.
Worship:Prayer with music, psalms
— focusing on Jesus.
Word:Study of scripture
— focusing on God’s word.
Witness: Practical discipleship
— focusing on our response
A typical Faith and Friendship Group meeting outline

7.30pm Welcome and catch-up with coffee and biscuits/cake (15mins)

7.45pm Notices (5 mins)

7.50pm Opening prayer (5 mins)

7.55pm Worship 3-5 songs using cd player or musician (15-25 mins)

8.15pm Feedback from last meeting (5 mins)

8.20pm Read next Sunday’s mass readings (10 mins)

8.30pm Small group sharing around these (20 mins)

8.50pm Small group intercession/ministry if wanted (5 mins)

8.55pm Closing prayer (5 mins)

9pm Formal end

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The Faith and Friendship groups come together on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm at Our Lady of Grace Church, Squirrel Lane, High Wycombe for a Praise & Worship celebration with adoration, followed by coffee & cake – everybody is welcome.

The Praise & Worship is normally led by the Source Community and typically consists of a lively blend of contemporary praise music with quieter, more intimate worship supported by heart-felt prayer and intercession.

Afterwards there is an opportunity to meet new friends and chat to people over coffee & biscuits. These meetings are open to everybody and are a great way to start the month, focusing on the Lord.


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